Fix your SOPs

Any well-written process will have 3 chinks in its armour . This Chrome Extension is the solution to all of them.

The Gear chrome extension

Why SOPs Fail!

If you are reading this, you probably already know why companies should use SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). But have you ever noticed why they fail?

Even with a well-written, regularly updated, and available document containing all SOPs, people might still opt out of using it. Why?

In my experience, it has to do with what I call “The Plagues of Processes” and “The ABCs of SOPs”


The solution!

Gear might just be the solution to all these problems. Install Gear on Chrome, and Gear will function as a library for all SOPs. Gear will appear as a menu on the left side of your browser and fix these 3 plagues:

Awesome features


Gear shows only relevant SOPs based on your current URL. The icon will change to let you know how many SOPs are available.

Notify with updates

If a Gear has been updated, it will notify all users the next time they visit the URL.


Search through all gears by name or tag.


Keep all your SOPs in the same place with a dashboard that lets you manage everything at once.

Shared responsibility

Let your colleagues help you keep the SOPs up to date.

Record new Gears

Instead of writing a new SOP, you can now record one. Gear will automatically detect clicks and write the process for you.